Both partner lawyers Maître Fabrice Maurel and Maître Biguenet-Maurel hold postgraduate diplomas in notarial law. As such, notarial matters, and particularly real estate, constitute a principal area of practice for MB JUSTITIA. The concept of real estate law covers all of the rules surrounding a real estate property (apartment, house, building), as opposed to movable personal property. The practice can therefore help in any litigation that might arise during acquisition, sale, construction or renting of a property, for example. Conflicts can also arise while a property is being used, for example neighbourhood disruptions or litigation linked to co-ownership or housing schemes. Difficulties can also arise with one's lending bank or insurer, tenant or landlord. Real estate involves a range of relationships with potentially liable professionals, such as notaries, real estate agents, builders, architects, insurers, and banks, for example.