The professional legal partnership MB JUSTITIA was founded in 2015 by Fabrice Maurel and Cécile Biguenet. Lisa Boussinot joined the team in the same year.

The practice is situated in Cannes and is registered at the Grasse bar. We can advise and represent clients across the whole region. 

Our practice works principally in the following areas:

real estate law (real estate property, co-ownership, housing schemes, foreclosure, neighbourhood disruptions, sale, construction and works, residential and commercial leases, eviction, easement and right of way, expert references, insurance, usucaption,  prescription, property loans, mortgage and privilege...)

estates (inheritance transfer, inheritance sharing, jointure, wills, legacy, bequests life assurance, guardianship, curatorship...)

liability law (contractual civil liability, criminal liability, professional liability of builders, architects, notaries, real estate agents, bailiffs, artisans and entrepreneurs...)

debt recovery law (co-ownership charges, residential and commercial rent, unpaid fees and bills...)

contract law (sales, transfer of shares, transfer of business assets...)