Maître Biguenet-Maurel is a lawyer at the Grasse bar and a founding partner of M.B. JUSTITIA.

Following a joint honours degree in accountancy and private law, Maître Biguenet-Maurel obtained her postgraduate diploma in notarial law, and subsequently she prepared her doctorate under the supervision of Professor de Poulpiquet de Brescanvel.

Her doctoral thesis was published by Defrénois (The notarial duty to advise).

With this solid initial training behind her, Maître Biguenet-Maurel naturally moved towards real estate law (co-ownership, sale, town planning, real estate professionals), contract law (business assets and shares), and inheritance law.

As well as practising law, she regularly writes legal publications and articles for prestigious editors such as Francis Lefebvre and Lexis-Nexis and by contributing to collections edited by Francis Lefebvre (Property Sale Handbook, Professionals' Handbook, Process Handbook, Individual Law Handbook, Property Management Handbook....).

Trained in, and accustomed to legal writing and research, Me Biguenet-Maurel fosters a real passion for law, defence and litigation resolution.