Maître Fabrice Maurel is a lawyer at the Grasse bar, and a Doctor of Law.

Initially graduating from business school (EDC-Paris Business School) having studied management and development of SMEs, Maître Maurel went on to obtain a Masters in East-West Trade management at ESSCA in Angers.

Eager to add a legal dimension to his business training, Maître Maurel obtained a postgraduate diploma in notarial law, and Masters in Property Law at the Faculty of Law at the University of Nice. His legal training was completed with a Doctorate in Law, following the submission of his thesis in Real Estate law.

Finally, this journey culminated in his successfully obtaining a CAPA (Certificate of Aptitude for the Legal Profession).

Today, Maître Maurel, Lawyer registered at the Grasse bar, puts his skills in business and real estate law to use at the M.B. JUSTITIA practice, where he is a co-founder.